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by Adaryn

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released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Adaryn France

Adaryn is a self-produced musical project born in summer 2015 in Caen, France. The band plays Folk Melodic Death Metal, with sometimes Black Metal influences. The violent voice and brutal drums, associate with the heavy bass and guitars contrast with the violin's melody and others folk instruments. Lyrics deal with History, Nature and Spirituality. ... more

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Track Name: Gaillard's Fall.
The Crimson clouds colour the sky
On a day's end of 1204
Behind the walls, the warriors cry
Moon is rising on Gaillard Fort

Raise the banners
Hold the ranks
Defend your home

The seat machine crushes the door
August's army invades the place
Blood covers slabs and trickle on floor
And despair appears on Normans faces

Raise the banners
Hold the ranks
Send them to hell

The last fortress burns in twilight
The last soldiers resist in vain
And under burning dungeon's light
Normandy joins Royal Domain

Drop the banners
Break the ranks
Flee for your lives

Copyright Adaryn 2017
Track Name: Sun Reedemer.
As the sun rises over the valley
Filling our eyes with intense clarity
Humanity finally contemplates its sins

By lifting the storm
We have crushed our bones

Blinded by consommation
We're all doomed

He's monstrous eye is swallowing our world

Sun, astral god above us two legged worms
Consume our flesh, make our bodies burn
For we do not deserve our place in this earth
We must join the dirt and give another birth
If only we had listened to our mother earth lament
Among the call of gold in our heads

Now we died
Under the sand of our fate
This is the end

Copyright Adaryn 2017
Track Name: Val-Ès-Dunes.
In the lowland, the champions were face to face
Pagans and christians were reunited
To kill the conqueror, duke of the Normands
The silence was king and William was worried
For him anybody could die
As long as he kept his life

The silence fades away, battle was about to come

According to the writting of Wace
« De sa gent ou il ert enmié,
Poinst le cheval, criant Toirié ! »
Thus cried the cursed traitor

The battle was a massacre
Soldiers died one after the other
A blood torrent spill over the sky and the weapon
The brave defeated knights went with the flow
After the storm the province remained calm and peacefull
Only stayed a shadow
In the lowland of Val-Ès-Dunes

Copyright Adaryn 2017